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Running for Gamp

Tara Mcnulty

Three months ago on June 9th, we lost my beloved father, Gamp Pellegrini, to Lung Cancer. Since my father wasn’t one of the less than 10 percent with mutations that could successfully be treated, we never even made Chemotherapy and lost our hero in just 7 short weeks. Having the wonderful opportunity of working daily with patients with chronic lung infections, I know not only how aggressive and tragic the disease is, but how difficult the cancer fight is for both the patient and family. Please donate $10.00 towards research to help fight the number one leading cause of cancer death among both men and women in the United States. THANK YOU!!!



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Go get em smoo! Go get em mook!
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Blessings to you.
6. BBarrett Koch
Very sorry to hear about your dad. Hope they make progress with a cure/ treatment.